House Rules

Allowed Sources

Core Rulebook
Advanced Class Guide
Advanced Player’s Guide
Advanced Race Guide
Ultimate Combat
Ultimate Equipment
Ultimate Intrigue
Ultimate Magic

Setting Sourcebooks
Inner Sea Combat
Inner Sea Gods
Inner Sea Magic
Inner Sea Races
Inner Sea World Guide
Cheliax, the Infernal Empire
Hell’s Vengeance Player’s Guide

Additionally, any other setting sourcebooks may be added on ad-hoc basis.

Character Creation

All characters begin the campaign at level 1 with half the maximum amount of starting gold for their class. New characters are created using the purchase method of Standard Fantasy – 15 points.

Each character may begin with one of the campaign traits listed in the Hell’s Vengeance Player’s Guide.

An in depth backstory is not required for each character but it is suggested that everyone be a current resident of Cheliax.


There is no common tongue. All characters begin with languages based on their race and home region. The most frequently used languages in Cheliax are Taldane and Infernal.

Hit Points

Characters receive max hit points at first level. Each subsequent level a player may choose to roll or take half of the max value for their class.

Hero Points

The campaign will make use of the Hero Points rules in the Advanced Player’s Guide.


Experience points will be awarded through this site. Each player is responsible for uploading his character sheet and keeping it up to date.


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House Rules

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